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The Church of the Living God International Inc. overseen by Dr. Joseph White, Presiding & Jurisdictional Prelate has established a fully active Youth & Young Adult Department, training young people to be successful, not just in the Church, but also in the secular world. 

All over the world, churches gather on Sunday evenings to hold service, where the Youth & Young Adults completely run the service, i.e.: Presiding, Praying, Singing, Preaching, etc. This provides an opportunity for them to develop public speaking skills, and leadership qualities at an early age, better preparing them for life as an Adult. 

Our First Jurisdictional Department is led by Minister Michael Johnson, Director, and Minister Jakob Green, Assistant Director. They inspire local Youth Directors from the Midwest Region to promote unity within the Church. 

Within each Jurisdiction there are Districts, that allow churches within close proximity to meet and worship together, preparing them for Jurisdictional Meetings. During this time, they have a smaller version of the annual meeting where all churches within the Jurisdiction come together, to produce singers, preachers, and leaders for our future. 

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