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Minister Miriam Miles 

Pool Of Bethesda, CLGI - Columbus, District 


Minister Miles, an Active member of the Pool of Bethesda, CLGI, where she has been a member all of her life.  She is the daughter of Minister Jatica Bailey & Mr. Charles Miles.  She is the Granddaughter of pillars in the Chruch of the Living God, Minister James and Elder Shirley Bailey. 


Being a Proud member of the Pool, she currently serves as a youth minister, and as the Local Youth Department Secretary.  

In 2016, Miram completed a mission's trip to the Dominican Republic.  She also coached Girls Volleyball at Tree of Life School.  As a product of the Youth Department, where we encourage spiritual growth as well as natural growth, she has worked her way through school, and as of December 2021 she graduated from Captial University with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and is currently working on her Master of Arts in Education. 


Miriam is a Spanish teacher at The Charles School, a chartered school partnered with Ohio Dominican University.  As well as on Saturday afternoons at 1P.M. she offers free Spanish classes at the Pool of Bethesda, CLGI  

Minister Jakob Green 

New Day, CLGI - Columbus, District 

Minister Jakob Green, was born and raised in the Church of the Living God International Inc., by his Mother, the Late Minister Leslie Green, and Grandmother, Elder Ernestine Green, Jakob was destined to make it to greatness.  After challenges presented themselves to Minister Jakob Green he was determined to not let the enemy get the best of him, and on May 1, 2022 and 9:00 A.M. Minister Green Graduated from The University of Toledo with his Bachelors in the Universal Studies in Criminal Justice. 

He is Currently a career in the Field that he has obtained his degree in Criminal Justice.


He completed and completed strong, and is a great example to the young men in the Church as he serves as the Assistant Jurisdictional Youth & Young Adult Director, and the Local Youth & Young Adult Director at New Day, CLGI. 


December of the 2021 He married the Love of his Life, Exhorter Lloyer Green, and they are both working in the ministry, doing all they can to make this Kingdom Great.   


Great Lakes District Highlight 

Minister Trey Jones, District Representative 


Sister Amoni Loiseau

Bloomington Worship Center, CLGI - Great Lakes, District 

Amoni Loiseau is a faithful member of Bloomington Worship Center, CLGI. Her parents Ministers Frantz and Sirita Loiseau. have raised her in the CLGI.  

In May of 2021, after working tirelessly, Amoni graduated Cum Laude from the University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing with a minor in Psychology.

With enthusiasm and excitement for the future she has begun working as a Oncology Registered Nurse at a Magnet Hospital in Springfield, IL. She plans on receiving her Chemo certification and is thinking about pursuing her DNP (Doctors of Nursing Practice) degree where she would love to specialize in pediatric oncology.

With her busy schedule as a nurse she has continued to travel an hour to Bloomington to attend church services and travel for the ministry. As a result of CLGI, she has become a respectable young Woman of God. 


Minister Unyque Morrison graduated from Liberty University with a Master's of Public Health with a concentration in Global Health.

During her time at Liberty University she was inducted into the National Honor Society. There, she was also able complete a research internship at Texas A&M University. The research she completed went on to be published in the International Journal of Community and Public Health!

As a Minister in her local church, she operates as a Trustee, Pianist, and Choir Director.

Minister Unyque Morrison 

Bloomington Worship Center, CLGI - Great Lakes, District 


Minister Brittany Cameron 

Battle Creek Worship Center, CLGI - Great Lakes, District 

Minister Brittany Cameron graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's Degree in University Studies, with a focus on Early Childcare.

She is currently working as a Program Specialist for the W.K. Kellog Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan.

As her former pastors have relocated to Dallas, Texas, she has chosen to carry on the work and keep the church door of Battle Creek Worship Center open to the community.

Bloomington Worship Center, CLGI - Great Lakes, District 

Minister Trey Jones graduated Lincoln College with a Bachelor's of Science in Sport Management. Along with achieving the honors of Summa Cum Laude he received the Johnson Marvin D. "Swede" Johnson award, for having the highest GPA in a non-business degree program.

He currently has been accepted in the University of Illinois where he intends to pursue his Master's degree in the field of Strategic Brand Communication and Marketing.

In his local church, he a youth director and the District Representative for the Great Lakes District.

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Minister Trey Jones 

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